1 month recap of The No More Excuses Diet

It’s been a month since I started The No More Excuses Diet and it’s safe to say I haven’t really been sticking to it that well. I am saddened to write this but it is the truth. My eating has been so-so and my workouts haven’t really been that great either.

I was doing really well when it came to drinking my water and not eating 3 hours before bed but like anything, life has gotten in the way. When my job ended in June, my schedule changed and it seems as though that has had a huge impact on my summer diet unfortunately.

similar to the challenge I am currently in
similar to the challenge I am currently in

Fitness wise, I did complete my plank challenge which went over really well and I was pretty happy with the results. My next challenge is a wall-sit challenge and I believe we are on day 13, I had a minor set-back when I got sick over the weekend but I tried to get right back at it tonight.

Goals for the next month:

-try kickboxing class 

-bump up my water intake 

-seriously stop eating 3hrs before bed

-limit my coffee intake to once/day

Why is working out and sticking to a diet so hard? I am pretty disapointed with msyelf that I have been slacking on this, espeically since I have a wedding in August that requires a bridesmaid dress. I hope I can pull it together and get my butt back in shape. Anyways, I hope I can stick to a few of these over the next month. Wish me luck!


xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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