10 beauty products I’m wishing for {…sigh}

I love my beauty products so much it’s insane. The amount of items that I think about buying on a daily basis is borderline out of control! From Urban Decay to Clarins, there are some amazing products out there-like seriously amazing.

I have been cultivating this list in my head for a long while now and some of these are slightly affordable but a lot of it is just not. I can’t seem to justify spending $50+ on makeup. Which has turned me into a pretty thrifty makeup buyer.  However, this post isn’t about being thrifty, this post is my SERIOUS wish list, soooo basically if my boyfriend is reading, I would like ANYTHING on this list!

Now I would like to mention that I have used the Bumble and Bumble and the Juice Beauty. I can highly recommend both of these!! Everything else I need to try-I’m getting all excited just thinking about it all!

What are you wishing for? Have you used anything on this list? Tell us in the comments below!!

Okay here we go, the 10 beauty products I am wishing for:

10 Beauty Products I'm Wishing For


xoxo Lindsay

Benefit skin care

Clarins sun care
$30 – harrods.com

Butter London nail polish

Bumble and bumble haircare
$34 – boots.com

Nars cosmetic
$34 – asos.com

Benefit waterproof eyeliner

Urban Decay glitter eyeshadow
$56 – selfridges.com

Urban decay eyeshadow
$12 – debenhams.com

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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