10 things every woman should have

I am so excited to write this post and more importantly I’m excited that this idea came to me through Sheryl at How to Make a Life. One of my favorite things about my blogging groups is all the inspiration that comes out of them–this one in particularly.

10 things every woman should have:

  1. a great pair of sweats–I know this sounds kinda crazy but hear me out. I’m not talking about the ratty sweat pants we all have, I’m talking about a pair that you could run to the store in without looking like a homeless person. I’m seriously addicted to the PINK line at Victoria’s Secret–those are some seriously cute sweats!
  2. a song for karaoke–I don’t want to hear that you can’t sing, everyone can sing something if it’s in their wheel house. I love having a song that I can rock and feel slightly comfortable with. My go-to karaoke song is “Gives You Hell” -All American Rejects!
  3. a quote to live by–I love quotes so much and use them throughout my therapy groups M-F. My favorite quote to live byΒ is “stop living life in the past lane”.
  4. a Netflix account–I hope that everyone has access to Netflix because if you don’t, you are seriously missing out! My favorite show to binge watch is Pretty Little Liars!
  5. a quality makeup collection–I’m all for saving money, but if you’re going to spend money on something, please let it be makeup. You are really paying for quality when it comes to makeup, it’s important to get your moneys worth!
  6. cute pajamas–I’ve heard it so many times, but why don’t people want to look cute at bedtime? Even if you’re going to bed alone, look cute for yourself, dammit!
  7. a great pair of panties–or more than a pair. I love spending money on underwear because it can make or break an outfit, seriously!
  8. a dressy rain coat–I get so many compliments on my Michael Kors rain jacket/trench coat, it really is a must for work and on weekends when I am not digging my North Face.
  9. a signature scent–Perfume is so much fun to buy! I love trying new stuff but almost always have that one perfume that “makes me, me”! My go-to is Coach Poppy!
  10. a friend they can call–As woman we tend to have friends but do we have a friend we can call at all times of the day? I firiggen’ hope so!! I don’t have a ton of close female friends but I do have at least two I could call no matter what!

As I was writing this list it really occurred to me that being a female is pretty friggen’ awesome! If you’re interested in trying out this post, go for it, but let me know! I’d love to read your ten things!


xoxo Lindsay



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