10 things you need for summer

Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day, the unoffical start to summer?! I am beyond thrilled that the nice, warmer months are finally approaching-we have a lot going on this summer so it’s going to be an interesting ride! So that being said, with summer fast approaching, what are some of the items on my “need” list? Each and every year it seems as though I need things to get me through the summer months; whether that is new sunblock or a hat, there is ALWAYS something.


Here are my 10 things that you need for summer:

1. A sleeveless wrap dress

I talked about the wrap dress before-I can’t stress enough how versatile it really is. I plan on wearing mine to a wedding this summer.

2. A good pair of wedges

Invest in a good/dressy pair of wedges. I purchased mine with the goal of wearing them to a bridal shower as well as a wedding. You’ll want a pair you can wear with capris, dresses, or even shorts.

3. A  summer eye shadow palette

I am not suggesting you run out and buy the Naked palette ’cause good lord knows I can’t afford that, but invest in a summer palette. I received a great one from Essence Cosmetics “all about sunrise” palette. This really stays on and has the perfect amount of shades you can play around with.

eye shadow

4. Statement necklaces

I’ve never really been a huge jewelry person, but lately I am all about trying to dress up my outfits with statement necklaces! I highly recommend investing in a few that you could wear with a few different outfits.

5. New sunblock

I think this is a given but if your sunblock is more than a year or so old, you really should replace it.

6. A few good books

I love trying to get my read on during the summer months. I would even love to do a book swap with fellow bloggers if some people would be interested! Leave a comment if you are and lets get something started!


7. A new lip color

I am a creature of habit and tend to stick to the same shade, if I even bother to put on lipstick in the first place. I really need to take my own advice and pick up a new shade for the summer months.

8. A water regiment

It’s no secret that we all get dehydrated in the summer, by drinking more water not only do we stay hydrated but the other effects are great; weight loss, digestion health, and better skin. Start drinking more water now and this way you’ll be on the right track come summer.

9. A DIY project

I just recently started DIYing some things around my house. Recently I decided to spray paint my nightstand a pretty ocean blue that really brightened up my room.

diy project

10. A bucket list

I created a summer bucket list a few weeks ago; I’m going to try like heck to stick to it and see what I can get accomplished.

I hope you enjoyed this list! What is on YOUR list? Tell us in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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