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24hrs in Boston, MA {Birthday edition}

Last weekend may have been Labor Day but it was also my 32nd birthday! Yikes, I’m really getting old…

Anyways my awesome boyfriend wanted to take me away and I suggested Boston, because it is only an hour from our home state of RI and I hadn’t been there in quite sometime. My only birthday requirements were to stay in a nice hotel and to be taken out for a steak dinner.

Requesting a nice hotel wasn’t new for me, I LOVE staying in hotels, but the steak dinner was another story.  Most of the time, I crave Italian, this time I wanted something I hardly ever order and that was a nice piece of steak.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it again but let me start from the beginning with the hotel…

W Hotel‘s are probably my second favorite hotel chain, the first being the Four Seasons. There are many reasons why I love the W and here are a few; modern, PRODUCTS, fashion savvy, and technology friendly.

King size bed
King size bed
Bliss make some of the best beauty products
Bliss make some of the best beauty products

So those two pictures right there are two of my favorite things about the W Boston. Unfortunately during my stay the technology was lacking–there were plugins for iPhones and tablets, however they simply did not work. (sad face)

Another wonderful thing that happened during my stay at the W Boston was the surprise from my boyfriend…

Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries
Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries

Yep, he’s a keeper!

So lets talk about that steak dinner I enjoyed. Originally we had planned on dinning at Top of the Hub in Boston but after reading the reviews it seemed like more of a place to get drinks at instead of food.  After a bit of digging I found the restaurant Smith & Wollensky.  A chain restaurant I know but a 5 star chain restaurant. We decided to give it a go. Now while I would have loved to photograph my entire meal, all I got was a picture of the steak (I was trying not to be on my phone).

Gorgonzola crusted filet mignon
Gorgonzola crusted filet mignon

It was quite possibly the best piece of food I have ever eaten.  Now as far as the actual restaurant goes, I would probably not go back, mainly because of decor and parts of my steak were undercooked. I understand it was a huge filet BUT for $50 it should be cooked to my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate 80% of it, so it wasn’t terrible.

So as you can see my 24hrs in Boston were well spent. I had a great birthday weekend with my boyfriend and couldn’t have asked for anything more. I hope your Labor Day weekend was great too!


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