This sounds like an amazing day to me! Food and …

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This sounds like an amazing day to me! Food and alcoholic beverages are always welcome. Great adventures!

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Makeup for Hot Weather
Thanks for the tips. I love wearing makeup when I need to do photoshoots, but thanks to the horrible Arkansas heat everytime I wear makeup for shoots I get sweaty and itchy on my face and end up having tons of makeup in my fingernails. #notcute. I am always looking for makeup that works better in the heat so thanks for the tips!

Updates {moving and holes}
Sounds like you have had quite an eventful few days. Glad to see that you are back and doing well. I can’t wait to read the new pieces you are putting up soon!

Rainy Days & a Recipe
Cookbooks should definitely always include a picture. Glad you were able to follow the recipe well enough without it though and that you liked the dish!

Currently: Healthy Foods Kick
You have a lot of good advice. I am definitely hoping to start including more water in my diet. I think that is a small change I need to make. When I go home from college I drink way more soda and sugary drinks than I should. I am excited to follow your journey these coming months!

The No More Excuses Diet
This seems like a really awesome book! I am definitely with you on the exercise goals need. I have been really considering an exercise program lately!

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!