3 Ingredient Overnight Oats

Have you jumped on the overnight oats bandwagon yet? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, overnight oats seem to be everywhere, and mostly because they are AWESOME!

A lot of recipes on Pinterest look confusing but this is one that I swear by and it’s SUPER easy and delicious! I first started making these about a month ago and now I am hooked. I get asked a lot of questions at work about it because it smells so good once I heat it up and it just looks yummy!


What I love about this recipe is that it actually keeps me pretty full so I don’t feel the need to pick on snacks throughout the morning. Working on my waistline is really important so it’s great that I can make such quick and easy recipes that don’t require a lot of prep.

What’s your morning go-to breakfast?!


xoxo Lindsay

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