3 ways to build up your blog or brand

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about my “blogging career”. I wouldn’t exactly say I have a career in this but the little money I do make, I guess you could say it’s a career or I prefer the term “side hustle”. So anyways, she was asking me how I got started and what I do to maintain the blog; which got me thinking, this would make a great blog post. 

For most of the blog community we work from home or cafes but if I were doing this 24/7 I might look to renting an office just to get out and see people. To some, the choice is clear and they opt for an office solution in order to have somewhere to work- while others would rather save the money. It would most certainly depend on pricing for me that is. For now, I’ll work out of my home! 

While there are many financial benefits to not having an office, it’s not necessarily that easy to build the kind of credibility you’d like to see in your blog. Existing exclusively online means, in other words, that you need to find other ways to make your business look professional and gain your viewers rust.

#1 Use your first readers

The very first people who fall in love with your blog can be of great help here. Because we tend to trust what other people say about other side hustles, it’s important that you approach them to ask for a testimonial of your services. Place these testimonials somewhere strategic on your website and you may be able to notice an increase in traffic to your site, in general, as well as a bit more business.

#2 Improve your website

While we’re on the topic of websites; without an office, your site is basically the first impression any customer or client will get of your business. That’s why it needs to be impeccable, stylish, and easy to navigate – get in touch with a web designer if you’re not too trained in this yourself.

So many small businesses rely on websites that are outdated and way too difficult to navigate so if you’re able to get this one over with, you will already have put some of your competitors behind. Keep in mind that when you only exist online, you should still try to find an official address for your business to make it look a bit more professional. Have a look here if you’re wondering what is a virtual mail service and get started right away.

#3 Work your social media skills

Another point to remember is that social media will help you out in terms of building this online presence, interacting with your customers and creating the kind of brand for your business that you’ve been looking for.

The tone-of-voice needs to be consistent with your brand, though, so get in touch with a social media manager if you’re not that into social media yourself. It is for the sake of your business, after all, and any small business is on social media these days.  

So what do you think about these tips? I think that social media is super important, and did you know they offer classes on this?! I highly recommend them! Anyways, we are all in this together (well those who are blogging or have a small business), so please share your tips with me and my lovely readers! 

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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