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Budget Friendly Travel

Looking for a few different types of budget friendly travel accessories?

Not sure what to buy or where?

I have complied a few of the essentials:

1. Travelon Hand Soap Sheets $ 4.25

Travelon™ Hand Soap Sheets

2. Travellon Set of 7 Packing Enevlopes $16.95

Travelon™ Set of 7 Packing Envelopes

3. Humangear GoToob $22.49

humangear™ GoToob Medium - 3 Pack

4. Travelon ID and Boarding Pass Holder $8.74

Travelon™ ID and Boarding Pass Holder with Snap Closure

5. Travel Laundry Kit $20.97

Travel Laundry Kit

For more great travel accessories for every type of travel please visit:

Travel Smart Products

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