4 Asian Destinations To Consider

If you are thinking of stretching out your travel to somewhere relatively new for you, why not think about Asia. Whether or not you have traveled to Asia in the past, you will find that there is always much more to explore, and it is certainly worthwhile doing so for all of the wonderful things you can see and do there. It goes without saying that one of the major concerns here is going to be what kind of destinations you want to choose, but the truth is as long as you are keen on those you will find that you can enjoy yourself greatly. In this post, we are going to take a look at just some of the top Asian destinations you might want to consider for your next travels around this vast and beautifully varied continent.

If you have never been to Malaysia before, you are bound to be in for something of a surprise. It is often not what many people think it is going to be, and it develops amongst travellers a reputation for being something of a dark horse in terms of the variety of experiences it can offer you. Whatever it is that you might think you’d get from an Asia trip, Malaysia tends to have a way of subverting those notions. Of course, it is also huge and incredibly varied, and you will find that there is plenty to see regardless of what kind of holiday you like to have. Many people who visit find that they want to stay for a long time, and some even do so – by simply finding a petaling jaya house for sale and settling down for a while, they become a part of this fascinating culture. It’s definitely worth visiting Malaysia if you want to see an interesting side of Asia you might not have expected to see.

For a much rougher kind of all-terrain trip, you might want to think about Nepal, which is a small and beautiful country full of some of the friendliest people on the planet. The thing about Nepal is that it is often overlooked, and yet it is a truly stunning place, and the kind of place that you find yourself aching to return to at some point in the future. The most common activity for tourists in Nepal is to go trekking, and if you do decide to follow in those footsteps you can expect to see some truly beautiful sights – whether that is the masses of flowers over the hillsides, the rocky cliffs overseeing incredible landscapes, or the ramshackle birthplace of the Buddha. You’ll find Nepal to be an incredibly culturally fascinating place to go.

Japan of course offers a completely different kind of Asian experience, and just points to how diverse the continent really is as a whole. Whereas in Southeast Asia you have some of the poorer and less developed nations, Japan is a true international power and one of the leading technological cultures the world has ever known. If you are keen to visit Japan, it is much more likely to be for the hustle and bustle of Tokyo or Kyoto and the beautiful, sparse natural landscapes than anything else. But there is a good chance that you are keen to visit simply because it is one of those places that permeates our own culture in such a huge number of ways, that you know it would be interesting to see it in person. And you’d be right. There is a particular joy to visiting Japan, and it’s one reason that so many tourists end up just wanting to stay there forever. If you are a true Japanophile, you will probably find that hard to resist, and it is definitely somewhere that you can spend a long time without realizing it. If nothing else it can provide a fascinating insight into a fascinating culture.

Asian would not be quite the same without India, and at least for tourists this is often seen as the jewel in the crown in a sense. India has long been a national-wide pilgrim place for those seeking spiritual enlightenment, and it is certainly a wellspring of religious and spiritual tradition. But as well as that, it is also the kind of place that you can find yourself getting truly lost, in a pleasurable way, and end up spending many months just travelling around its beautiful cities and towns. If you are keen on visiting India, be sure to be truly prepared for an eye-opening experience which you will never forget.

So what do you think? Have you been to Asian countries before? We just got back from our Disney trip and some of my favorite times was time spent in Epcot, specifically Asian countries! I’ve always got the travel bug, I wish my wallet felt the same! 

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