4 ways to shop for kids this holiday season

Let’s back up for a second…when did I become someone that writes about “kid-friendly” things? I’d say for the past 7 months…

And no I didn’t have any babies! 🙂 However, my wonderful boyfriend does have two children whom I spend a great deal of time with and it’s actually been friggen’ awesome!!

I now get to do all the fun kid stuff and actually have kids with me! Which brings me to this post. I can’t believe that today I was actually looking at a Black Friday flyer and deciding whether or not it is worth getting up and heading to Target on Black Friday. I am not a morning person so apparently these kids are making me reconsider my ways.

So, as a disclaimer, I can’t take all the credit for this but I have discovered a very easy way to buy for children and or any child in general:

  1. Buy them something they want
  2. Buy them something they need
  3. Buy them something to read
  4. Buy them something to wear

Now maybe I’m new to this whole thing but this is genius!! It has totally got me rethinking the toys on my Amazon list for them. Now, here’s not to say you can only buy them 4 gifts, because lets be honest I’ll be spoiling them a bit, but this is really such a good rule of thumb and I think makes the shopping process so much easier!!

What do you all think?! I am SOOO excited for “santa” to visit and to see the looks on their face Christmas morning. (Lindsay’s heart grew two sizes this year) 🙂


xoxo Lindsay 

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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