4th Of July In Costa Rica: Day 4

What a day! Today was the first full day of teaching that I’ve done here and boy it was challenging. I guess I really underestimated how hard it is to teach ESL.

Just when you think your prepared for a day of teaching and look at your watch and its only 9:53 and you still have till 11:30–I almost screamed.

(true story)

These were the phrases that I said for two solid hours:

  • Repeat After Me
  • My name is
  • How are you?
  • I’m good
  • A is for ant (and the rest of the alphabet)

Its a good thing I’m good at pulling lessons out of my ass cause that’s just what I had to do. Tomorrow should hopefully be better, my partner and I seem to be pretty well prepared–we shall see.

In other news…

I can’t believe its the 4th of July and I also can’t believe that I’m missing it. This is only the 2 one that I have missed in god only knows how long.

For those of you unfamilar with my traditions on the 4th in Rhode Island let me break it down to you:

  • It all starts on the 3rd of July in Bristol which is basically like New Years Eve.
  • You will proceed to bar hop and drink until you can’t drink anymore.
  • Then you will go to bed and wake up at 6am and drive back down to Bristol for the parade.
  • The reason you have to get up so early is because they close the roads.
  • Now when you get to the parade and to the house you might throw up and then sleep it off.
  • The parade will start around 10am and by 10:30am you should be drinking.

So with that being said you can see that I am missing quite a tradition but I am on a mission tonight to make my own Costa Rican tradition.

So for those of you still celebrating back in the states, have a drink for me!


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