5 Date and Non Date Ideas this Winter

Tomorrow marks the 4th day of school that we need to make up because of all this snow! I’m beyond frustrated but it has got me thinking about new and different things that you could do with a date or perhaps just a friend.

1. Technology Free Night

-Stuck inside?! Well why not make it a technology free night. That means no phones, tv, or computers. Play a game, drink some wine, and focus on just being together!

2. Have a pajama party!

-Either alone or with a group of friends but whats more fun than eating, drinking, and hanging out in your pjs. No one feels like getting dressed up, let alone leaving the house in this weather, so why not make it more inviting! By the way I am totes having one of these this weekend!

3. Tubing and or Sledding

-It’s been quite a while since I’ve done either but this is the perfect time to do it! The best part? It’s usually free or really cheap!

4. Trivia Night

-Being stuck in the house all week can really be a drag. Why not grab some friends and head to a bar for a trivia night! There are usually great drink specials and it usually turns into a really fun time! It could be a regular date night as well.

5. Groupon

-Groupon is really one of those great tools that most of us forget about. You can try out a new restaurant or attraction at a fairly low-cost. If you stuck for ideas then go on Groupon and see whats around! Take a class, see a movie, all while keeping costs pretty low.

The winter can be really depressing but it doesn’t always have to be. If you can think a bit outside the box I think that we can all survive this horrible time of year!


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