5 must-haves trends this Winter

It’s not winter yet but that doesn’t mean we are anticipating it. Winter in New England means two things; 1. cold 2. snow. Want to survive a winter in New England looking on fleek? Besides a snow blower, here are 5 must-haves you’ll want to stock up on.

  1. A pair of practical-ish cute boots. I picked up a pair at Target and have already been sporting them for these colder mornings. I envision these getting me all the way through February. I would also recommend a pair of wedge booties for dressing up.
  2. Vests are back and better than ever. I’m not talking about puffy vests but more of the faux-fur SUPER cute vests that I’ve been seeing practically everywhere. I especially like these for dressing up plain outfits.
  3. Long and warm cardigans. These couldn’t be more perfect for colder days. Dress up or down; perfect for work and going out.
  4. Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. I guess stripes have never really gone out of style, so that’s the good news. If you fear stripes because of your size, stick to small ones really close together.
  5. A tulle skirt. I don’t mean like a ballerina would wear, but tulle skirts are one of the greatest things to make a comeback. They are longer, not as puffy, and can be dressed up or down, I prefer dressed up. Think tulle when you are planning that holiday party outfit.
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I love everything in my look book and wish I could afford it all!! I am super excited to try out a tulle skirt for my upcoming holiday party. Don’t forget these 5 must-haves when you are hitting the stores! Questions? Ask away!!


xoxo Lindsay 

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