5 Weekend Worthy Trips

It’s about that time when summer is coming to an end and you start realizing that you haven’t done much in the form of a vacation or if your feeling British, a holiday. Over the summer I tend to take mini-vacations. I like driving somewhere for a few hours and just getting away from it all without all of the hassle of buying plane tickets and booking week-long accommodations. Getting away for a few days, especially when it is spontaneous is exciting!

Traveling with my significant other is the best! I love getting away from it all and just having “alone” time. Not having to worry about grocery shopping is a huge plus in my book. So what types of weekend getaways are you looking for?  If your still looking for a min-vacation here are a five of my must have holidays for couples:

1.  Cape Cod

Any New Englanders in the house? If so then you know how fantastic a weekend on Cape Cod really is. Most places in Cape Cod get snatched up quick and even hotel prices start to sky-rocket once August hits. Plan early and you will be all set.

2. Napa Valley

If your living in the area this is a great place for weekend getaway. Take the Sideways (movie) tour and visit Napa and Sonoma Valley. Ideally renting a convertible for the weekend would make the most sense but either way wine tasting in this gorgeous scenic town is highly romantic and on my must-do list.

Vineyards in Napa Valley
Vineyards in Napa Valley

3. Portland, Maine

If you’re an avid reader which I’m assuming you are, you would have just read about my latest trip to Portland. It’s really such a great city for a weekend getaway. Plenty to do and see and enough to keep you coming back for more.

4. New York City

We all know I have this love hate relationship with New York City. I want to love it but I just can’t. Spending a weekend there is the absolute maximum amount of time I care to spend. However it is great for a weekend. So many thing to do, eat, and see make it a perfect place to drive or take the train in.

5. Newport, Rhode Island

So you’ve never been to Rhode Island? Well Newport is a great place to start, especially in the summer. A weekend is usually enough time to see and do most of the fun stuff. Between the mansions, beaches, and restaurants, you probably won’t want to leave. My favorite place in Newport is Castle Hill. This Inn is open to the public for drinks on the lawn, not many tourists know this so it makes the spot not overly crowded. It is a tad pricey but the view is well worth it.

Castle Hill
Castle Hill


Going away for the weekend is fantastic and like I’ve said before I almost prefer it to large trips. Don’t get me wrong I’d kill to be traveling Europe with my brother at the moment but spending a weekend in another city closer to home is still ok in my book.  Many of the cities that I’ve mentioned are great for a three-day weekend (holiday weekends). When visiting the coast make sure to book far in advance for the best price. Stay tuned for some weekend getaways once the weather turns colder.

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