I have been really working on this. It does take …

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I have been really working on this. It does take time, but it has been so fun finding other blogs and seeing how individual we all are. Thanks for your tips, always looking for ways to grow.

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Extracting my facial virginity
I am with you here, I have not had a professional facial. LOL I recently started using an exfoliating facial wash and my skin feels incredible. I don’t wear much makeup so this is a huge bonus. It sounds as if I am really missing out, I think we could all use some down time, and some relaxation!

Blogging Challenge Day 4: Being a blogger
I agree, the saying “Build it and they will come” does not exactly apply. Build it, write it, photo it, FB it, Insta it, Tweet it, + it, Stumble it, Pin it, then visit all the other bloggers that are doing the same thing, and then repeat every 24 hours! LOL Good luck and keep on keepin’ on!

Tips for beating blogger procrasination
Great tips, I am working on building so these are so timely. Going to read you last post on the issue. I am writing in a binder to keep track, but have not started scheduling what I am going to write, when, etc. That is the next step. And to stockpile posts so I am not always running behind…ARG!

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!