I recently decided to stop going to my personal trainer (due to finances) instead I have started yoga on a weekly basis. Trying yoga has been one of the hardest workouts I think I have ever done. You go in thinking one thing but come out with a whole other mindset that was like WHOA!

So needless to say, this yoga experience is going well but I have to say I was totally expecting something else, which brings me to the 5 things no one tells you about yoga.


  1. It’s not very relaxing. True Vinyassa Heated Yoga is far from relaxing in the mediation sense. The last ten minutes or so out of 60 is the most relaxing part, except you are so dead from the workout, its almost hard to fully relax.
  2. You will be sore. Yes, yoga has made me insanely sore, well at least after the first time. My core and my hamstrings were quite literally killing me for the next few days after my first session. It was actually getting worse as the days went on. Oy
  3. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat. So heated yoga is actually pretty great, it relaxes your muscles but I’m not sure I have ever sweat so much during a workout. Don’t get me wrong its a great feeling BUT damn!
  4. You are capable of a lot. Yes, this is very true. I am not flexible at all, but I am trying my best and discovering that I can do somethings and it is really motivating for the next session.
  5. Say good-bye to your comfort zone. Yes, for sure, good-bye comfort zone. I am getting really good at being un-comfortable while I am doing yoga and I am the newest member to the class. Most of the other girls have been doing it for a year but they are super motivating!

So basically I am becoming slightly addicted to yoga, really looking forward to my next session. I enjoy having the 60 minutes of “me” time and the workout is awesomely insane!

Are you on a yoga bandwagon? Any tips for me? Let me know in the comments below!

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xoxo Lindsay 

4 Comments on 5 things no one tells you about yoga

  1. Justine
    March 28, 2017 at 8:56 pm (1 year ago)

    I just got back into yoga recently!! I was an avid yogi for a while and had kids and got too busy/too broke to keep going! SO! I’m back! And yes, you do get sore! The thing I love about yoga is that it causes a ripple effect on the rest of your life. You’re more patient and open minded and you’re more conscious of what you eat and when because you don’t want to keep putting junk in your body and sucking in class! Congrats on your new found lifestyle change! You’re going to love it!

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