I’ve done a bit of pilates at home, but I’ve …

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I’ve done a bit of pilates at home, but I’ve never really tried yoga. I’m SO not flexible but at the same time, I’m really curious about trying it sometime.

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Apartment Therapy
I’ve heard of the idea to have a cleaning schedule – certain rooms or certain chores on specific days. I guess it works if you’re really busy and can’t fully clean on just one day, or don’t want to continually take one full day to do it all. As for decorating an apartment with no money…Hmm…I guess you could re-purpose things you already own? Like move a rug from one room to another, or use books as decorations, or…I don’t know! It’s hard when I don’t know what your apartment looks like. LOL But I like your ideas too.


15 reasons why
Congrats on sticking with it and the weight loss you’ve seen so far. I do need to figure out a better “meal plan” if you will because I want to keep losing weight. I’m not sure this would be for me though but it’s always nice to see how it works for people and what they think! I love that you don’t crave junk food – I wish that was me! LOL


Christmas in July
Paperless Post do have some really fun designs. I don’t mind e-cards. I feel like so many people don’t keep physical cards anyway.

Keeping Things Fresh
I love this! I’m not in a relationship, but I could see myself being like this if I was in one, and I’d hope the other person would be the same (or somewhat the same). I know I’m kind of like this in terms of friendships – the whole remembering the little things and just doing things here and there for them.


We are “that couple”
Good for you! If it works for your relationship, then that’s awesome. I know some people need more time apart and that’s fine for them too. You do you. 🙂


I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!