5 Things to Consider When Buying a Property in Turkey

Turkey? No, I’m not talking about the kind we eat on Thanksgiving. The country of Turkey didn’t really stand out to me before doing a bit of research on it but for those of you with a geological brain fart, Turkey is surrounded by Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

So why am I writing about Turkey? A country that I have never visited before. Well I’ll tell you. It all started after my cousin and I were chatting about taking vacations. He mentioned that him and his wife were considering buying property in Turkey. I was like, why Turkey? He then went on to explain how easy it really is (a tad expensive) but for the most part really affordable and the buying process isn’t rocket science.

I know that a lot of my fellow travel and non-travel friends are always in the market for a good destination, so I thought I would bring you some great tips on visiting and buying Turkish property.

So as I mentioned before the process of buying a property in Turkey isn’t that hard. After you see some of the GORGEOUS photos you’ll be ready to visit/move in a heartbeat.


Before you buy:

  • Check that there are no outstanding rental agreements or mortgages.
  • That the seller has the legal right to sell the property and that they have a Tapu ( Title Deeds) for it. If there is an agent how much commission is payable, commissions rates are usually very high in sales where European clients are involved.
  •  It is absolutely essential to have your finances in place before you go to look at property in Turkey.

How long does the buying process take:

Dependent upon the Turkish Government offices it may take up to 6 months to receive the final Freehold Title Deeds (Tapu) for your Turkish property.


You can stay for a maximum of three months in Turkey with your 90 day a multi entry tourist visa, however to replace this with a residents visa, you need to apply for this visa within 1 month of first entrance. A resident’s visa can be for a period of one to five years. Instead of applying for a resident’s visa you can simply leave the country for 24 hours, and then return on another standard 3 months visa. (On the Mediterranean Coast most people take advantage of a trip to Northern Cyprus, which is only a 3 hours ferry ride from Alanya, and on the Aegean Coast a short ferry trip to one of the many Greek islands, for example Rhodes or Kos). You will require a residents’ permit should you want to have a phone or buy a car. Ensure you have plenty of passport-sized photographs before you start applying for one.


 You can also rent out your property:

The most profitable way is to rent your property out to family, friends and work-mates (you will be surprised how many will want to know you). A simple advert in the local paper or a one page web site also works well. Always get a large deposit and arrange a flight as part of the rental package.

Completing the process:

Once your application has been approved by the Government and the military, both the vendor and buyer must be represented at the Land Registry Office for entry of the Title Deed into the Land Registry. Most buyers prefer to go to Turkey to attend personally, although it is not necessary as you can appoint a Power of Attorney to attend in your place. This can be your lawyer if you have used one, a husband/wife, partner, our office staff in Turkey or anyone else you trust. There are various forms that are required before completion, but they are quite straightforward and we will be pleased to help.


After doing all this research about Turkey it seems that this could be one country worth buying property in. Between its location (especially to Greece) and all the different climates, you could really have the best of both worlds here. I wish my cousin the best of luck in his attempt and anyone else who is making a step in the buying process. Please let us know if you have had the pleasure of buying in Turkey or anywhere else and if you have any tips for us.

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  • Harrison Gregory

    Turkey has an immense coastline, balmy Mediterranean climate and a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activity. Its people are also one of the most hospitable in the world. Hence it is hardly surprising that buying property in Turkey is becoming a firm favourite, and this trend is on the rise. Prices have risen by about 25% on an average in the recent past.

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  • Dorthy Chan

    Turkey has announced plans to issue one-year residency permits to foreigners who purchase property in the country, as part of a larger campaign from the Turkish government to attract more foreign homeowners. The law is a major change from the three-month permit currently allowed to foreigners. It would also make home buying more attractive to the Middle East and non-European nations who have previously had a hard time obtaining visas, according to local media reports. The new law makes “the process easier, more streamlined, robust and cheaper,” Julian Walker from Spot Blue Overseas Property, who specialize in Turkey real estate, told World Property Channel. “It is good news for Turkey, making the situation more transparent and set out in advance for Turkish property owners.” As the global property market recovers from recession, Turkey has increasingly caught investor interest. It recorded a price growth of 10.5 percent in 2012, the fourth largest increase in the Knight Frank Global House Price Index for 2012. Globally, Turkey fell behind only to Brazil, Dubai, and Hong Kong, and posted the strongest growth in Europe. The latest ruling would add to law changes already in effect aimed at making it easier for foreigners to invest in property. Last year, Turkey removed a reciprocity law as it worked to attract to $10 billion a year in property investments. Travel to and from Turkey also became easier for second homeowners and holiday travelers with the introduction of an e-visa system this month, according to a release from Overseas Guides Company. With the new system, foreigners will be able to obtain tourist visas on-line, avoiding long waits at airports.

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