5 ways to de-stress today

Stress is like a bad habit-it takes so much to get rid of it and when you think you’re finally rid of it, it comes back to bite you in the ass. We are all stressed in one way or another, so how should we cope?

While I do think that I have many stressors, I do feel that I have found some pretty good ways to deal with it. What am I stressed about? Well mainly money and paying for school out-of-pocket. The next thing that stresses me out is my body and weight. While I do eat right and exercise, it still weighs heavy on my mind. At the moment my grandmother is very sick so that of course becomes a stressor, even though she has been sick for some time.


So here is the big question-how do we de-stress?

Follow some of these that I do on the daily but still struggle with as well:

1. Unplug

I have mentioned this many times, but I can not express the importance of leaving your phone alone for a little while. If watching TV helps you relax than put your phone away while you do it. Don’t worry, I am addicted to my phone as well but enough is enough.

2. Get to bed

Set a bedtime for yourself during the week. This is the only thing that I can actually say I do everyday. If I’m not in bed by 10pm then something feels wrong and I’m exhausted the next day. My boyfriend calls me a grandma but hey, I can admit that I need a lot of sleep.

3. Put the computer away

Between this one and the phone, I don’t know which is worse! I am either on my phone or on my computer, it’s getting to be ridiculous. As we speak my tv is on and I am writing this post-something’s gotta give. I wouldn’t call this relaxing at all.

4. Listen to soothing sounds (there’s an app for that)

The app is called Relax Melodies. I use this at night when I’m trying to get to sleep. You can choose from all different sounds and even set a timer so it will shut off.

5. Lavender lotion

I love the “sleep” lotion that Bath and Body Works put out. I rub it on my hands before bed, give it a little sniff, and it instantly relaxes me.


We all know stress isn’t going away anytime soon but it doesn’t have to run your life. I think it’s really important to find what de-stresses you. Did you notice I didn’t put going to the gym on this list? The gym stresses me out! While I do enjoy feeling good, I am very self-conscious while I am there. That is not a good de-stressor for me. Everyone will notice that they have different ways to cope. How are some ways you de-stress? Tell us in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay

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