5 ways to make the most out of Instagram

Instagram might be my favorite social media app. I love everything about it and then some! When you are using it for fun, a lot of the geeky stuff doesn’t really apply to you, but if you are using it for blogging purposes there may be stuff that you are missing. I came across this topic and thought it might be great to share some of the uses that I get out of Instagram.

make the most out of Instagram
make the most out of Instagram

5 ways to make the most out of Instagram:

1. Make friends

This may sound a little silly but it’s more than just following people. When you do follow someone, take a moment to look through some of their photos and like and or comment on a few that catch your eye. This has been done to me, and I will go through and see who has liked or commented-if I’m not already following them I then will.

2. Keep up with it

Instagram is one of those apps that for blogging purposes needs to be “kept up with”. The more your pictures are coming through the more your name and or blog is showing up, the more people will visit your site and connect with you.

3. Actually use hashtags

While hashtags are fun and most of the time silly, if you take a minute to click-through to a hashtag it will bring you to other people using the same one. If you use the same one a lot, such as #travel, and you click on it, you will find a ton of like-minded people who you may want to connect with. This is a great way to find more people to follow. I know that the #BLPhotoChallenge has been inspiring me to connect more.

4. Bio and website information

Make sure that you have a bio and your blog information listed in your profile. I can’t tell you how many times I will click on someone and there is nothing to identify who they are or what they are about. Big turn off.

5. Return the favor

If you see the same person liking and commenting on your photos day after day, it is only considerate to return the favor, especially if it is a fellow blogger. I think the most important thing is to remember we are all in this together and helping each other out should be encouraged.

*I have one complaint about Instagram-I wish you could create lists and or favorites so that you could more easily keep track of certain people you like to follow. Other than that, I’m as happy as a clam! I am always Instagraming everything!

Why do you or don’t you like Instagram? Anything tips or advice for getting the most out of it? Share in the comments below!!


xoxo Lindsay

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