50 Shades Of Awkward: My Tbex Experience

Once again Tbex sneaked up on me, gave me a little tease, and was gone before I knew it. It goes by fast every year but this year in particularly it seems to have been the best and worst Tbex that I’ve attended. Don’t get me wrong I was pushed this time around; pushed in the sense that I was challenged both psychically, mentally, and emotionally.  Words can’t express how much knowledge Tbex gave me this year; follow along as I try to convey.

United lounge


Arriving to Tbex actually went off with out a hitch! Being that Denver is such a big hub, it made for flying into very easily from Boston. I will add that taking a 6am flight out of Boston is a tad on the early side but when your going to Tbex, early just doesn’t matter.

We (meaning myself and Kheidee) landed in Denver dying of hunger and sore arms from carrying our luggage. After shoveling in Burger King (which I soon regretted later) we were off to grab the rental car.

Nom Nom Nom

Now this should be noted when you are renting a car in Denver there are HILLS, lots of hills! Of course no one mentioned that to me so what kind of car did I choose you ask???

I’ll tell you…wait for it…a Fiat!

Super cute and fun to drive around a small city I would imagine but for the hills of Denver and Keystone, not so much. My foot actually started to cramp up because I was stepping on the gas so hard. I do not miss that car.

Regardless it was a vehicle and we needed it for our trip back and forth from the conference in Keystone to the condo that was refered to as being in Guam.

View from the condo

Lets check into the conference shall we

With in the first five minutes I knew exactly why I had come back; the warm greetings and the mentions of people following my tweets was exactly what I needed after a long journey.

Welcome to Tbex

Time to party!

Welcome back to Tbex with a party on top of a mountain? Sure why not! But first, lets grab drinks. Didn’t I mention that at Tbex there is always a pre-party, a party, and then an after-party? Follow along if you can.

The first night was EPIC and 50 Shades of Awkward to say the least. It should be noted that there was a certain someone there that I was not thrilled about seeing; so I spent the first hour or so ducking in and out of rooms “trying” to avoid. All that avoiding brought me to some new friends that quickly became attached to my hip all weekend. See what avoiding can do?


So without disclosing TOO much information and for those of you that are dying for actual details, shoot me an email; for everyone else, Friday night was filled with gondola rides in the dark, champagne, cookies that almost made me sick, BOA’S, and you know the usual; doing the walk of shame the next morning. Once Saturday morning rolled around I thought “Damn we’ve got to do this again tonight!” Oy…

Gondola Ride

Conference time

If your still following along you’ll remember that Friday night was a tad hazy; that being said showing up to the conference at 11am on Saturday was pretty much a given. But this was it, the moment to see all those old friends and to finally start meeting some new ones!

Hangover cure: coffee and flavored water

Lets network shall we 

After attending a few sessions on Saturday and by few I mean none at all…I spent some time networking with other bloggers and meeting up with those that  I had spent the last year tweeting with. For me Tbex isn’t just about the sessions, sure there are some very useful topics but this year for me it was all about the networking and you’ll see why in just a little bit.

It’s time to party again?

Yep it sure it! This time we put on our cowboy gear and suited up for a wild west themed bbq that was made possible by Expedia. Between the brisket, corn bread, and pie; it was the most I had eaten since arriving. Surround that with lemonade vodka, some golf, and a fire pit; you’ve got yourself one hell of an evening! With that being said, let’s go to an after party, but first let’s make sure you’ve got the right bar. Yes that’s right, we showed up at the wrong bar, paid a cover, and asked the bartender to blow fire, which he quickly declined.

Cowboy Up!
The wrong bar…

Should we add more awkward to Tbex…

I’ve got a few words for you (pay attention): ex boyfriends, new girlfriends, booze, and a boa…do you see anything wrong with this picture?? Right, moving on…

Sunday Fun-day! 

This was hands down the best day of the conference for me and I’ll tell you why. This was the day that our “speed dating” aka networking with PR companies was finally going to take place. What did I get out of speed dating you ask? Well how bout a press trip to Kansas City and a new advertiser! Not to shabby if I do say so myself!

Saying goodbye sucks

Now the only crappy part about Sunday is that it means its time to go home and say goodbye. I don’t know about you but saying goodbye is so hard to do. You spend years tweeting and for some of us you only see these great people once a year–saying goodbye sucks.

I’m a firm believer that the after-math of Tbex is one of the greatest things ever. Not only do you have more friends to tweet with but there are more opportunities to discover greatness in yourself and your blog. I’ve already made several connections with like-minded bloggers; working together is a great concept.

I hate goodbyes

So as you can see I was pushed psychically, mentally, and emotionally this year. But I have to say this was the best Tbex which means I have great things to look forward to next  year.

Any bets on next year’s location

New Orleans? Virgina? It’s anyone guess but my guess is that it will be another shit show…



I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


  • Jim O'Donnell

    There is alot you THANKFULLY left out. It was really great to meet all you guys in person. Wow. There were so many people there I was a little overwhelemed. Tough for an introvert but I dont think there was a bad soul there. It took up guts to talk to people but everyone was so welcoming. I really appreciate you reaching out to me and pulling me into your crazy crew.

    BTW, who is the dork in your photos with the map? Hasnt he ever heard of Teh Google?

    View Comment
    • Lindsay Carreiro

      Haha yea I had to leave A LOT out!!! It was so much fun hanging out! I enjoy bringing people into my crazy mix 🙂 maybe I’ll venture out there at some point, so we don’t have to wait a year lol

      View Comment
  • Derek4Real

    Nice post, good coverage. Kind of puts my three paragraphs about TBEX to shame, but then again so does everyone else’s writings about this last weekend LOL. Of course I only bought a last minute ticket b/c of our Twitter convo (thanks again for the heads-up) and was completely unprepared for the event. Still, I had a blast and cannot wait until next year when I am actually a li’l prepared =D

    It was also great to finally have the opportunity to meet you in person. Sorry I appeared a “bit more hippie than expected.” You should have seen me Friday night, I was dressed to the nines for our evening soiree — you would have been impressed 😉 Oh but you’d probably be even more shocked to see me now then…I turned those lovely 14″ golden brown locks of mine into dreads just a few days ago 😉

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  • Abby

    LOL I met you for like five minutes, and your stories seemed like you were having the most fun of anyone there. I also think it went by way too fast this year. (I hadn’t been since NYC but did make it to TBU, which was smaller and more manageable.) Awesome title!!

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