7 things to do this weekend

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, yay! 3-day weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!! I’m heading to NJ again to see my boo, and I really need to start looking up things to do while I am there. Last weekend we went to a wine tasting at Torne Valley Vineyards in Hillburn, NY. It was super romantic and very relaxing!! Of course, my man didn’t think it was that romantic (typical guy) but it really was, trust me!

Torne Valley Vineyard
Torne Valley Vineyard

While I’m sure most you have a cook-out to attend to and what not but if you’re looking for something else to do, check out these 7 things:

1. Go to a Farmer’s Market

I LOVE going to these, you can find all the best local foods.

2. Try a new recipe from Pinterest

I might do this as well, I love trying new things I find!

3. Visit a historical site

I think there is history everywhere, go find some!

4. Go pick strawberries or whatever is in season

Yum, this might be added to my list too!

5. Visit a waterfall

I think it’s going to be nice this weekend, see if there are any in your area

6. Look on Groupon 

You can find some really good deals and try out some new food or activity

7. Have a dance party!

I love having dance parties in my classroom, if you have kids, I’ll bet they’ll want to have one with you!

After doing some research, I have found a brewery in NJ to visit as well as Bear Mountain State Park in NY! I can’t wait for the weekend now, it should be a great time. I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day. Let us know what you’re up to in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay

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