7 things to do this weekend {January}

Another weekend is coming up and it’s got me thinking, what will or should I do this weekend? I’ll be staying put in Rhode Island, so this means I can usually get a lot more accomplished then when I am in New Jersey.

However, we are supposed to be getting hit with a blizzard this weekend, so my list is going to be indoor-friendly and there might be some grocery store prep involved.

7 things to do this weekend

  1. Organize the clothes in my closet. I usually have things colored coded but with life getting in the way, I’ve been putting my clothes in all willy nilly.
  2. Set up a few blog posts. I’ve been seriously slacking so it will be great to get a jump and get back into the swing of things!
  3. Read, read, and read–it’s half for pleasure, half for school. It’s a pretty good book so I’m not too upset.
  4. Make a new YouTube video
  5. Shovel around my car, that’s inevitable
  6. Catch up on a few DVR’d shows
  7. RELAX–I’ve been pushing myself to the brink lately and now I’ve got a cold because of how run-down I’ve been.

So what is on your weekend to-do list? Will you tackle any of my items? Hopefully you won’t have to shovel much!!

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