7 things to do this weekend {June}

Happy Fri-yay everyone!! I am so glad it’s Friday and can you believe it’s almost the end of June already?! School is almost out for me (1 more week) and it’s been really fun planning what I want to do on the weekends. This weekend is a Rhode Island weekend for me, meaning that I won’t be traveling to NJ to see my boo. I do have quite a bit planned actually which is nice because I hate sitting around doing nothing! However, tonight I will be lounging around considering that I just got home around 6pm.

eat sunshine

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am working with my autistic teenager, taking him to the gym, running errands, and later on in the afternoon seeing the new Pixar movie Inside Out. It should be a fun day! At night my brother and I are taking my mom out for a birthday dinner, her birthday is Sunday. It’s supposed to be really shitty weather here on Sunday, so I think my mom and I are spending the day cooking some new recipes out of this new cook book I received. (review coming later)

So if you don’t have a lot going on this weekend, here are 7 things that you could do this weekend:

1. If it’s raining outside, binge watch your favorite show and not feel guilty about it.

2. Clean out a closet, any closet just clean it out and see how much better you feel.

3. Get caught up with brainstorming blog ideas.

4. Watch a tutorial on YouTube and practice. I like to watch makeup tutorials.

5. Head down to the water/beach/lake

6. Plan a day or over night trip you’ve been talking about

7. Make a list of 7 things you did this weekend

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Let me know what your plans are in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay


I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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