7 Ways To Step Up Your Social Media Game

Want to get more followers and engagements on social media? Here are a few tricks that will help your account to build up the buzz it deserves.

Have a clear brand

People like to follow social media users that have a clear theme and identity. If you’ve got an Instagram account and you’re posting photos of everything from pets to travel snaps to pictures of your meals, you’re not going to gain many reliable followers as there’s nothing that stands out about your social media account. Treat it like a brand and you could start to get more interest.

Keep it fun

The majority of social media users are looking for entertainment. If your content is always serious, you could find that people aren’t interested. Even if you love telling facts and giving political opinions on Twitter, you can still find a way to do this in a humorous way.

Use visuals

The likes of Instagram and Youtube are all visuals anyway, however when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, don’t feel that you have to limit yourself to text. Posting photographs, videos, gifs, infographics and memes can double your engagement in many cases.

Time it right

Timing can play an important part in getting engagements. Certain times of the day will attract more social media users, which could influence how many people like your photo or comment on your status. There are free tools that you can use to help you locate the best time to post on Instagram for engagement. Be wary that you can also time things around events – if you’re thinking of tweeting about a live TV program, don’t wait until the next day but instead tweet about it there and then.

Harness the power of the hashtag

Hashtags apply mainly to Twitter and Instagram – whilst Facebook has adopted them, they’re barely ever used. Hashtags help social media users to locate your posts by offering a category label. If you’re Instagramming a picture in Iceland, make sure to hashtag ‘#Iceland’ so that users searching this term can find your photo.

Interact with your followers

Interaction can also encourage engagement. This is important on Twitter: don’t just post your own Tweets – reply to, like and retweet other people’s content. The idea of social media is to be social, so don’t treat it as a personal diary.

Spend some money on social media

It’s possible to improve the reach of your social media posts by paying a bit of money. On Facebook, you can promote posts and pages so that they gain more exposure – this can often be a great way of expanding your social media audience. Try to resist the temptation to buy likes and follows – not only is this behavior dishonest, but it could also have a negative effect on your social media engagement by sending your posts out to a bunch of dead accounts.

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