A change will do you good

and yes I am singing that Cheryl Crow song….

Anyways–in case you didn’t notice, we got ourselves a little makeover. Not too much besides the name/domain has changed..still needing someone to create a new logo for me, but that can wait.

So changing the name has actually been a work in progress. I thought of the new name last summer, registered it but then just did nothing with it. Until the other day when I was reading Heart and Moxie about rebranding and I decided to finally get off my ass and fix it!


I’ve loved this new site name for quite some time and the change over wasn’t terrible. I still have more I’d like to do with the site (new layout and such) but that can wait until I am fully prepared for an overhaul. The idea of re-branding yourself is such a good one and after 5 years, it was time for me. I totally outgrew my old site and needed something that reflected what I was about now.

So I hope you like the new name!! I know I do! Let me know what others changes you might want to see around here.


xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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