A Fashionable Tale of Three Cities

For Fashionista’s, ’tis the season to be jolly as the second part of the year’s trend calendar turns off the lights after its monumental line up of September events. All across the globe, the skinny and the striking romped and strutted down the runways in ruffles and ruches that broke the boundaries of creativity. On the streets of Europe, an aesthetic change began as the stylish flooded the cities with their interpretations of the month’s proceedings. The Capitals are never the same after fashion week. Your Thomson holiday will open the door to a style extravaganza that will soon leak into your own home town.

Milan’s runways crawled with Fifties Hitchcock Heroines. Never before has vintage been so dominant in ready to wear collections. The look is nothing if not Parisian, with the iconic Chanel handbag of the era paired with a slim, knee-length pencil skirt, a sheer blouse and elbow length gloves. The palette is restrained to ivory, camel and cream and this is the look that won the battle of the biggest looks this year. Milan streets are teeming with Coco’s own blend of chic.

While Milan is masquerading as Parisian, Paris is practicing gender play. Androgyny rules on cobbled streets as women don button-downs, blazers and wide-brimmed hats. When night falls, female DNA is in full force as women trade the angular for the fiercely feminine. Downton Abbey is brought to life through demure, ankle length frocks that skim rather than cling. Puffy sleeves and high necks give gowns a rich sensuality.

London is renowned for its spontaneity and ability to assemble a style that demands artistry. Street style tends to be more inspired than copied. Londoners adore their brights and, this year, neon is the hue set of choice. Designers tipped their hats to innocence and perversity by pairing ripped beaded skirts and patent leather skirts with taffeta and chiffon. There was a wink to the past, as has been the trend for every season this year. This season, fashion clings to the Eighties by resurrecting graphic prints and ripped skirts and jeans. The public have adapted more easily to Eighties fare than they have to the forties which has led to a luminous winter dotted with black, skin-tight nappa.

Regardless of the capital, there is one look that has been embraced pervasively. Across Europe and overseas, Grace Kelly’s sassy prettiness is saturating every city.

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