A newbie’s guide to planning a bridal shower

I can’t believe it’s already May which means the bridal shower I am throwing is just weeks away. With so much happening around here I am really glad I started planning early. I should tell you that I’ve had no formal training in this area-I’m just a girl who was probably an event planner in another life.

I was beyond thrilled when I was asked to be a part of my besties big day. For starters we are literally the same person which makes life so much easier! Even though I haven’t known her for too long, it feels like FOR-EV-ER (Sandlot voice). Since she is originally from Illinois, she is having two showers, one there and one here in Rhode Island. She is also getting married back home in Illinois which should be SO much fun!!

So getting back to the bridal shower, when she told me she was having two showers, and that her MOH and MOB were taking care of that, she asked me if I would take care of the shower here. Of course I said yes and started figuring out what I needed to do.

This really came in handy!
This really came in handy!

Step 1: Find the location (at least 6 months before)

This was the most time consuming aspect of my planning. I did some research on Yelp as far as different venues went but then I had to do my research. Figuring out how much it would all cost led me to set my budget. Which also led me to how many guests would could invite/afford. The hard part was that I was only splitting this with two other RI bridesmaids. Without giving too much away I ended up finding the perfect spot and I am very excited to see it all unfold!

Step 2: Make several lists (once a month)

You will want to make a list of “stuff” that needs to get done. Invites, dessert, decorations, DIY stuff, anything really that you need to figure out and have for the big day.

Step 3: Get in contact with the other people (every two months until it get closer)

Each step you should really email everyone else who would be helping to pay for things. Make sure everything is okay with them before you start finalizing plans. I must have sent out so many emails but I needed to make sure we were all on board, luckily we were! Confirm the venue again 3 months prior.

Step 4: Double and triple check (two months before the event)

Double check with the venue to make sure everything is still a go. Ask last-minute questions you forgot to ask. Check in with the others to make sure everyone has everything they need for the day. Start finishing projects in case something goes wrong and you need to change it.

Misc. Info & Tips:

  • Create a secret Pinterest board with all your ideas
  • Check out Etsy for ideas/decorations
  • Mail invites 6 weeks prior
  • Check out The Knot for venue ideas
  • Ask others if you’re still stuck for ideas
  • Delegate the tasks
  • Create a document that holds all the venue info
  • Respect the brides wishes
  • Make it an amazing day!

This was my first time ever doing anything like this! It’s been really fun and I think I’m pretty good at it. Once the shower is over I can share with you some of the creative things I incorporated into the shower. My bestie wants to be completely surprised so that’s why I can’t share too much information right now but it’s going to be awesome!


xoxo Lindsay

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