A thankful Fashionista Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for…

  1. Black Friday, getting all those fabulous after Thanksgiving shopping deals!

  2. The iPad for FINALLY coming out with new and designer covers, who doesn’t have $895 to spend on one?!

  3. Cover Girl for finally putting together step-by-step make up tips
  4. Katy Perry and her line of AWESOME nail polish for O.P.I
  5. Sephora for making a Fashionista weak in the knees at a moments notice

  6. The Rack Trap for allowing us to finally put our “rack” to good use!

  7. Dry Shampoo from Tresemme, we can finally travel and look good at the same time!

  8. The convertible dress, allowing us to only pack a few items and still look HOT
  9. Little Honey for their fantastic line of Luxury Sleep Masks and Travel Pillows
  10. Last but not least…Dr. Schols for Her Fast Flats that saved a traveling fashionista’s life

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