A Valentine’s Day Conversation

About 3-4 weeks ago I told my boyfriend that I wanted to exchange Valentine’s Day presents/do something nice together. Considering how we skipped Christmas this year (buying gifts that is) I felt that it was in our duty to do something nice for this upcoming holiday! So during this conversation I told him that I wasn’t giving him any hints or suggestions, that he should be able to come up with something on his own. Nothing crazy, but something that says, “hey I care.” Is that too much to ask? I really don’t think so.

So flash forward to last night, during one of our many face-time conversations, he says to me, “what do you want for Valentine’s Day?” I’m sorry, what part of, no hints are we not getting?! I know that I can’t be the only one with a boyfriend who is less than imaginative when it comes to gift buying. I so kindly told him to ask a friend, ask his mom, ask anyone but me what to get me.

Well, that got me thinking, if my boyfriend is struggling, perhaps there are others that are struggling as well. So that being said, this post today is not for my lady readers but instead the men. I may not have many male readers, so ladies feel free to forward this to them. Okay, here we go, a list of gifts that are suitable for that special someone in your life.

1. Surprise her with a dinner out, one that she doesn’t have to make the reservations for. (That’s key, we hate doing all the work)

2. Does she like to read? Pick out a few new ones, she’ll be thrilled that you know her favorite author.

3. Pay for her next hair appointment or nail appointment but keep it a surprise! When she goes to pay it’ll be a great surprise!

4. Plan a day trip or short overnight visit to a local hotel. Sometimes a change a scenery is all you need.

5. Etsy is fabulous site with lots of handmade gifts that are very thoughtful.

I hope this list helps that person in your life-enjoy!


xoxo Lindsay

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  • Vicky

    Awesome suggestions! I’d be thrilled to be on the receiving end of all of these! I think some people don’t quite get that putting thought into what to get someone is part of the gift. I almost don’t care what someone gets me as long as they spent some time thinking about it (which is why I HATE getting gift cards from a boyfriend!). Great post!

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