A Very Thankful Fashionista Thanksgiving

Another year has come and I think we all find comfort in thinking about and naming all the things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

So in honor of that we have come up with a list of our very own Fashionista thanks.

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for…

1.  Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller by Garnier–no more dark circles on this girl!

2. You Tube for all of their how-to make-up videos that we just love!

3.  Amazon Kindle! Quite possible the best present on earth!

4. COOCHY CREAM!! We now have the softest legs this side of a Nair commerical!

5.  Essie nail polish–cocktail BLING–our favorite thus far!

6.  O.P.I–Glee Edition!! Love the show and love your nails!

7.  One Piece Bathing Suits! Finally they are in style, cover up all you want and still look hot!

8.  Jaclyn Murphy and all her fabulous Luniac Style designs! 

9.  Allure magazine for keeping us Fashionista’s always in style!

10. LovingEco–eco friendly shopping–being green is being fashionable

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