Accessories as investments?

Chances are that you already accessorize when it comes to pulling an outfit together. Accessorizing really is key when it comes to creating an outfit that stands out from the crowd at the same time as adding your own personal touch to proceedings.

Now, a good tip when it comes to accessorizing is to see every purchase as an investment piece. (say what?!) Spending a little more money on your accessory will help to ensure that you have pieces that quite so many other people haven’t already got at the same time as ensuring you purchase a piece of extremely good quality that will last for years to come. High-quality accessories also tend to maintain their value, so if you change your style down the line, you will be able to sell them on for a good price and use the money to invest in new pieces! Here are a couple of investment areas to look a little further into!


Jewelry is perhaps the simplest way to accessorize any outfit. The majority of pieces tend to consist of quite neutral tones, allowing you to wear your jewelry with whatever ensemble you put together – they are extremely unlikely to clash with anything. Other pieces can have bolder colors, standing out from a blank canvas of an outfit and adding a signature look to any style – just take a look at the different bright options on offer from for some stunning designs! Make sure to always purchase jewelry from reliable vendors, as this will ensure that it is well made and will stand up to the test of time and regular wear. Precious metal and semi-precious or precious stones also tend to be desirable, so hold a good resale value if you are currently unsure of your look and are still experimenting with your personal style.


Most retailers sell a wide variety of belts, however, for a truly eye catching belt, you might want to look at the offerings of big name fashion houses and designer brands. These belts will hold up to regular wear where other belts may buckle (no pun intended), bend, and crease. Consider purchasing a relatively neutral toned belt. This will allow you to incorporate it into a wider number of outfits. Items from brands such as Gucci, Hermes, Alexander McQueen, and Versace may seem like major purchases, and they are. But designer belts come at a much lower price than designer coats, bags, or shoes, so this is a great way to incorporate designer into your look without spending quite so much cash.

It’s really funny because I typically never think to accessorize much because I tend to spend my money on either the top or bottom, BUT clearly it’s time to think another way! Jewelry and belts are just two different ways to accessorize. There are plenty more out there. Start small and work your way up!

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