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Well it’s March 14 and it’s a damn blizzard here in Rhode Island with spring right around the corner. I’m on my 2nd girly rom-com of the day and my first can of soup. Needless to say I thought it would be a good time give you guys some personal stuff, since I have been slacking on the blogging sphere.

The biggest news is that I’m MOVING!! Yes, you are reading that right, I am finally moving out, since ending my relationship last October and living with my mother. I found the cutest place in North Attleboro, MA, so yes, I am leaving the 401 for now. I’m moving in April 1 and I couldn’t be more excited!

The new condo that I am renting is totes adorbs–with one bedroom and one bathroom, it’s on the smaller side of things but that’s okay! I am now constantly on Amazon and IKEA searching for ideas, trying to go for rustic chic with a touch of princess.

I survived my first trip to IKEA last weekend without the need for a Valium but luckily I had my best friend in tow. I managed to buy everything I needed for my kitchen and a few things for the bathroom. I can’t wait to move everything in and take some awesome pictures for you guys.

The only other thing plaguing me is the amount of money moving seems to cost!! Like, I can’t believe how much money it costs, UGH. Also, I did finish my first graduate class, ending it with a B+ (which is pretty good, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

So three more weeks and then I am out–I’m ready!


xoxo Lindsay 

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