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When you’re looking for a location that’s a little bit different for your summer vacation, it’s time to turn your attention to Malaysia. Many people have found themselves in transit through the Kuala Lumpur airport, a travel hub in this region of the world, but if you’re looking for a great place to stay then break away from the airport and into the heart of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur itself is a bustling, thriving city and home to the iconic Petronas Towers that dominate the skyline. The capital city boats more than just its modern architecture, here too you’ll find natural attractions such as the famous Batu Caves, which are said to be more than 400 million years old.

In the city itself lies the Golden Triangle of Bukit Bintang, KLCC and Chinatown. You’ll find flea markets, religious places and plenty of evidence of its colonial past.

Heading out

Outside of the city you’ll find plenty of other options of places to visit. Why not try out the fascinating city of Malacca. Once home to Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese colonists. All these influences can be found across the city including the imposing Portuguese galleon on display near the river.

Take a boat tour down the river to see much more of the city and why it was a strategic trading port for previous inhabitants.

Don’t miss out on Jonker Street, in the heart of the city’s Chinatown district. This bustling street comes alive as the sun goes down and the street food vendors fire up their skillets. You’ll also find local craft and antiques on sale.


Make Penang another one of your places to visit and find just the right mixture of calming beaches, impressive hiking trails and stunning parks. If KL is the cultural heart of Malaysia then Penang is the economic one, you’ll find plenty of options for hotels and whether you’re travelling solely for pleasure or for business, venues such as Sunway Hotel banquet facilities in Seberang Jaya Penang will adequately meet either need.

While visiting be sure to make the hike up to the top of Penang Hill and be prepared to be captivated by the views, particularly as the sun sets over the city.

You’ll also be impressed by the Kek Lok Si Buddhist temple that dates back to the 19th century and the many architectural throwbacks to colonial times.

Whether you’re a first time visitor to Malaysia or have visited other sites in the country, there is simply so much to see and do that you’ll be coming back for more. Check out KL with its impressive skyline, along with a sky bridge and viewing platform. Or head down to Penang with its mix of tranquil coastline, rugged nature and city life.

One thing’s for sure, once you’ve had a glimpse of Malaysian life, tasted the food, met the people and seen the sights, you’ll want to leave the airport for good and explore more and more of this amazing country.

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