April Staff Picks

Well its the end of April practically and we apologize now for our tardiness in this month’s picks.  April is full of rain, sun, and a chance to show off our skin in some of the hottest new products, here are our favorites.

Best Skirt

Merona for Target  Jersey Knit Skirt

soft and comfy, perfect for work or play

$14.99 currently on sale at Target

Best Mascara

Clinque Long Pretty Lashes

$10.00 at Saks 5th Ave Outlet

Best Shoe

Croc’s Crocband Flat

looks like canvas but it is rubber, looks great with Merona for Target Jersey Knit Skirt

$34.99 Croc’s

Best Sweat Proof Deodorant

Lady Speed Stick

Outstands the heat in Florida and that Zumba class

$2.99-3.50 Available at drug stores

Shopping Guide:

Target.com, Clinque.com, Crocs.com, CVS.com

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