Ass-Tastic Results Of The Great Pantie Challenge Of 2012

So its been 1 week of the Great Pantie Challenge of 2012 and I must say I highly enjoyed breaking out my cute panties and wearing them during the days!

Don’t get me wrong I pretty much had a wedge all day on Monday but hey I suffer for my craft.

Since I work full time and no one really gets to check out the goods, so here for all of my faithful readers are pics from this past week-now before you say “hey I don’t want to look at your ass” keep in mind its pretty much what you would see at the beach!

And besides I think my ass is pretty cute!

Sunday-Love these!
Monday-These gave me a wedge ALL day
Tuesday-defiantly the hottest pair
Wednesday-These drove me crazy most of the day
Thursday-Super comfortable!
Friday-These look pretty...

So what do you ask have I learned for this challenge? A few things:

  • For starters the increased CREEPER number doubles
  • Second a lot of my panties may be cute but are  REALLY uncomfortable at work
  • Third I’m glad its just not me who hardly wears cute panties

I’m going to make more of an effort to wear them even when no one will see them.

I hope some of you will be inspired to try this and yes post pictures of your bottom…it DRIVES traffic 🙂

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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