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Baby chicks & a broken back

Okay so I didn’t really break my back but I have been in a shit-ton of pain since Saturday. I was driving to work and all of a sudden my lower back (basically my ass) started bothering me. I ignored it but as I started my day working I was getting really sharp pain and I was unable to sit down. I was able to get a co-worker to run and get me some ibuprofen. After work I went home and laid down with some ice.

laid up on the couch
laid up on the couch

Sunday was more of the same but I did start to feel a tad better so I went into work today. Big mistake! Within an hour I started getting more pain so I called the doctor. Now I’m not sure if this is good or bad but they didn’t prescribe me anything stronger than ibuprofen but at the same time I could have really used some stronger meds-oh well. I came home spent the rest of the day with the heating pad again, oh yea I fell asleep for a few hours too.

incubator for the chicks
incubator for the chicks

So needless to say my weekend was pretty darn boring because I was in too much pain to go do anything. I will tell you that I managed to eat my weight in those damn Veggie Straws. I bought some on Friday and I’m ashamed to admit I just finished off the bag. Clearly I have no self control. Today I also missed a lot of action in my classroom, we are getting chicks! Well soon-to-be chicks, the eggs and the incubator arrived today, now we must wait 21 days to see the baby chicks. I also missed my internship today because of my stupid back. I’m really hoping to get back at it tomorrow. We shall see!

addicted to these
addicted to these

Well I hope your weekend and start to your week has/is better than mine!


xoxo Lindsay

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