Back to the grind…

My saving grace this week is brought to you by Quaker Oats…no seriously it is. Right before I left, Influenster had sent me some overnight oats to try out. I didn’t have much time to do that before I left, so when I cam home and remembered that I already had breakfast for two days, I was stoked!!

Going to the grocery store in general is annoying and I really didn’t want to go the day I came back from a two week vacation. So needless to say, this post is just a wee bit sponsored but that’s okay–I like free things!

I received two cups of overnight oats that all you needed to do was add milk to, I used Almond milk. The flavors that I got to try were a Toasted Coconut Almond and Blueberry Banana Vanilla. My personal favorite being the blueberry banana. I’m not crazy about coconut and there was a ton of it in the first one.

my favorite
not as good

So the question, would I buy these? Most likely not, only because making your own overnight oats is so easy and much cheaper! I did enjoy trying out the flavors and maybe I’ll start mixing it up with my own overnight oats! and now….back to the grind…


xoxo Lindsay

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