Beating Blogger Burnout {part 1 Facebook}

Say that title 5 times fast! Anyways, just kidding…

I don’t know about you but summer seems to be the hardest time for me to blog for some reason. You would think that I would have more time, having most of my summer off-but yet it seems to be the opposite. Lately I feel the pressure to not only keep up with my blog but to keep up with all of the Facebook groups I am in for blogging.

This morning I had a breakthrough (I kid you not). It occurred to me that I was going about this all wrong. There is no written law that says you have to post a new article in each group ALL the time-so why was I stressing myself out trying to post to each one and THEN having to find the time to comment on others. 90% of the time I feel super rushed to comment on others and I don’t feel as though I am giving them the attention they deserve.

So what conclusion did I come to? Well I’ll tell you…

photo by Alison Gary
photo by Alison Gary

1. During the week I plan on only posting a new article to 2 of the larger groups I am a part of. This will give me time to read 10 blogs and that seems doable for comments.

2. If I post on the weekend I will post to all the groups and give myself the weekend to leave comments.

3. Using an “off” blogging day to catch up on the other groups for social shares, that’s it. I’m not commenting but instead following and adding people on social media.

4. When it’s nice outside, I’m taking it to the deck. This morning I brought out my laptop and sat on my deck drinking coffee and catching up on a lot for the blog. It worked out perfectly and I didn’t feel guilty for spending too much time inside.

So basically what I am driving at is Facebook is pretty much killing me because I am letting it. I am burnt out and seriously considered leaving groups because it is becoming to much to handle. However, this morning I figured it out and I now have a plan of attack.

Is anyone else feeling the burnout associated with too many Facebook groups? I would love to know how you schedule and cope with this–tell us in the comments below! Stay tuned for part 2!


xoxo Lindsay


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