Beating Blogger Burnout {Part 2 Pinterest}

I have really been anxious to start writing part 2 of my blogger burnout mini-series…I saw how helpful round 1 was and in case you missed it, you can read it here. So anyways, just to recap a bit, I talked about how overwhelming Facebook can be in part 1 and how I was going to start a new schedule, as to not drive myself crazy with all the groups I am in. So far, its actually going very well!

So now lets talk about Pinterest. I LOVE using Pinterest to kill time in between work or classes, but until recently I really wasn’t using it in a practical blog way. Every time I hear people say that Pinterest is where most of their blog traffic comes from, I am pretty skeptical, until I decided to give it a go and see what happened.IMG_4896

1. Go through older blog posts and pin images that link to posts. How time consuming does that sound?? It *can* be pretty time consuming but if you are after more views, this is really the way to go. I have made a conscious effort to do this once a week.

2. Pin to multiple boards. This sounds like it might be overwhelming to your audience but if you pin the same image to different boards on different days, your audience won’t notice and their feed won’t go crazy. For example, I can pin an image from my site about healthy eating to my board “beast mode” and also “highlights and hashtags”.

3. Create a board specially for your blog. By doing this, I am able to have at least 2 places to pin the same post, with more chances of it being seen/clicked on.

4. Pin 5 board specific images from other people every day. For example, last night I pinned to my DIY board, Dinners board, Relationship board, Beast Mode board, and For the Home board. I have found that pinning 5 images/day or at least 5 in the morning and 5 at night, is a good number for not clogging feeds.

I have taken the past two weeks to try out this new “method” and I have to honestly say its working. I’m not spending 10 minutes pinning everything in site and I have actually seen an increase in my traffic and as well as more followers either following me or specific boards.

Now, don’t get me wrong I still love to kill time on Pinterest, but since it is linked to my blog, I have to be a little more careful about how “crazy” I get. At this time, I have one secret board that I can go crazy on and no one see’s it. I would recommend doing that if you need some Pinterest love.

What tips do you have for using Pinterest? Tell us in the comments blow!

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