I am so happy to finally be a Beautycounter consultant! If you love non-toxic ingredients in your skincare and makeup than this is perfect for you!!

How does Beautycounter choose ingredients?

In order to ensure that every Beautycounter product meets our high performance standard without compromising health, we have established a health-protective Ingredient Selection Process. These are the five principles we uphold with the selection of every single ingredient:


  • 1. Ban Intentionally
  • 2. Screen Rigorously
  • 3. Learn Constantly
  • 4. Source Responsibly
  • 5. Share Transparently


Beautycounter supports research initiatives to learn more about ingredient safety, and we work with green chemists to find new, safer ingredients and solutions. We consult with scientists and industry leaders working to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and to develop safer, green chemicals from the start.

Why does Beautycounter favor the word “safer” over “safe?”

We describe our products as “safer” rather than “safe” because we believe it is a more accurate, honest term. Strictly speaking, one cannot prove something is safe—you can conduct a study to determine if something causes harm but not to determine safety. And many ingredients are understudied, so while there might be no “red flags” it doesn’t mean that we know that there is no potential hazard or risk.

At Beautycounter, we conduct hazard assessments on every single ingredient using a stringent, health-protective process for each review. Our company mission is to get the safest products into the hands of everyone, whether it be directly through our products or by working with our legislators to pass and enforce more health-protective laws for the cosmetic and personal care industry.

I love all of my Beautycounter products. You can access my personal Beautycounter page by clicking here. If you need any recommendations don’t hesitate to contact me!


xoxo Lindsay