3 Magazines For Fashion And Style Fix

I will be the first to admit that magazines give me a lot of my ideas for blog posts and giveaways.  They can help get the creative juices flowing and thats nothing to be ashamed of. With magazine subscriptions being so cheap it makes for subscribing a breeze and easy on your wallet.

When I want to talk style, fashion, accessories I look no further then:

1. Allure Magazine: They consider themselves the beauty expert and I have to agree.

2. Marie Claire: This is my second favorite magazine. Not only does it give great fashion and style how to’s and advice But it also has my favorite column “Big Girl In A Skinny World” by Ashley Falcon. This is the magazine for woman in their late 20’s who are sick of reading “How do I know if he likes me.”

3. Glamour: Yes they still touch on “50 Sex Positions” but you can pick up a lot of great fashion tips, I’ve picked up quite a few that I’ve even gotten compliments on.

By reading each of these magazines you not only give yourself some new insight on fashion and style but you can also jump start your blog.  With in the blog niche of fashion it can often be hard, there is no shame and getting a little help.

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