Blogging Challenge Day 5: Five places

We’ve almost gotten through a week of this 30 day challenge. I have to confess though, I’ve had to change a few of the topics because they were just so depressing!! Today’s topic is titled “5 places I want to visit.”

I used to do so much more traveling than I currently do, so making this list is pretty awesome because it keeps reminding me of places I want to visit. For this post I’m going to keep things local and focus on the USA and not my dream travel places in Europe.


1. San Francisco

This might seem basic but I have been dying to get there and really spend some time walking around and fully embracing the diversity. My boyfriend has already been a few times and I get so jealous that I haven’t been yet. What I’m saying is, I need my boyfriend to take me! ha!

2. Washington, DC

It’s pretty pathetic that I haven’t been there yet (besides the airport). I really love history and would love to do all the touristy things!

3. Las Vegas

Another must before I die-not to gamble by any means but just to experience it ALL. The nightclubs, the food, the people. It seems like my liver might hate me afterwards but I’m okay with that.

4. Chicago, IL

This should be getting crossed off my list this summer when I travel to IL for a wedding that I am in. I am very excited to spend a few days eating my way around Chicago!!

5. Portland, OR

I hear awesome things about this city and want to see if it lives up to all the hype. I highly enjoy “crunchy” type places and feel as though it will be similar to Portland, ME. Here’s hoping I can get there one day.


Where would you like to go? Have you been to anywhere on this list? Do you have any advice for my upcoming trip to Chicago? Tell me in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay


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