Blogging Challenge day 6: Just the facts

Happy Monday everyone!! Here we are with day 6 of the 30 day blogging challenge. So far, I think it’s going quite well. I’ve had to make a few changes/adjustments but overall I’ve rather enjoyed doing it!!

Today’s topic is “30 interesting facts about yourself.” Now we all know I love talking about myself so let’s see if I can come up with interesting things to share with everyone!

1. I don’t drink juice

2. I wear Coach Poppy perfume

3. My brother is my best friend

4. I hate ham (like legit loathe it)


5. I have to sleep with the door closed

6. I hate wearing socks

7. I love to cook

8. I don’t have my ears pierced

9. I’m small only 5′

10. I’m throwing a¬†shower in May for my bestie who’s wedding I am in


11. I’ve never been to the movies by myself

12. I have sleep apena

13. I’m afraid of the dark and clowns

14. I love to take selfies

15. I sleep with my pound puppy

16. I won’t wear scoop neck shirts because I think my neck is fat

17. I have to make my bed before I can get into it at night


18. I eat greek yogurt every morning

19. I’m super grumpy in the morning

20. I love to binge watch Pretty Little Liars and I’m obsessed with finding out who Charles is

21. I always forget to take my makeup off before bed

22. I love drinking Sangria

23. I like doing Zumba


24. I like rapping to old school Nelly and Eminem

25. I have an obsession with makeup

26. I have really strange dreams all the time

27. I sleep walk on occasion

28. I love having my back scratched

29. I love to read, especially girly fiction and teen fantasy books

30. I drive a Toyota Corolla

That was pretty challenging coming up with “interesting” facts about myself. They probably weren’t super interesting but this was a lot harder than it looked!! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! Tell me some interesting facts about you in the comments below!


xoxo Lindsay

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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