Blogging Challenge day 8: What would you say?

I have to be honest and switch up the current blogging challenge prompts for the rest of this challenge. We are on day 8 and already I’ve noticed that things are getting boring and repetitive. So here we are with our new format!

blogging challenge

So today’s topic is titled “3 things you want to say to different people.” This sounds like it could get VERY interesting! I’ve never really thought about anything like this, so it took me a few moments to really think about what I could possibly say if given the chance.

  • To the person wearing skin-tight leggings–I don’t care how good your self-esteem is, NO ONE  should be showing off every dimple and bump on each thigh. I also feel badly that you didn’t have anyone at home who could tell you to change.
  • To all the jerks who speed during snow storms–No one cares that your truck can go fast than my Corolla. That being said, please do not ride my ass during a snow storm when you can clearly tell I want to go slow. Please go around me and stop making me so nervous!
  • To my grandmother–My grandmother passed away this past Saturday. I hope that I told you enough times how much you meant to me. I hope you know that you were a role model and I want to be exactly like you (besides the chain smoking, its bad for you!). I miss you already.


Now it’s your turn. Who would you want to same something too and what would you say to them?! Take a few moments and leave us a comment down below on your thoughts!!

I hope that you will enjoy the remainder of my challenge and play along with me!


xoxo Lindsay


I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!


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