Boho on a budget

If you want to create the perfect boho look forget about the latest fashions. You do not need to spend much money if you follow the tips below.

Visit Vintage Stores

The number of these types of stores is dependent on where you are located. If you are in London, New York or Amsterdam you are in luck as there are plenty of them. You will find them in other places as well, but may have to search for them.

They will have many items styled from the 1970s or used clothing from the hippie era. This style is timeless and the pieces you will find in vintage stores can be ideal for the boho look.

Shop Used Online

Just type boho style, hippie bag or something similar into your search engine and you will get lots of results, many of them for used items. Always check out the seller before you buy, and if you are looking for something genuine, you want a guarantee with it that it is authentic.

You may be surprised a little some of the biggest brands can cost you when you buy this way.

Check Out The Sales

No matter of how large or small the boho brands are, they all have sales. Sometimes it is twice a year to clear out old stock and other times they will hold flash sales if business is a bit slow. Sign up to the newsletters of the brands you like and just wait for the notification of their latest sale.

If you do not want them to fill your inbox, set up an email address especially for them. That keeps it simple and you will know you do not miss any among the piles of other emails you get.

Collect Lots Of Jewelry

No boho outfit is complete without several pieces of jewelry, and in fact the more you wear the better. It could be spiritual necklaces, rings, bangles or earrings. You will find some good pieces in markets that will be cheaper than the stores, and there is so much variety that it is worth collecting as many pieces as you can. Then you will always have something to go with the boho outfit you are wearing.

Forget The Posh Hairdos

One of the great things about the boho style is that you do not have to run to the hairdressers every six weeks for a trim. Let your hair dry naturally and if a few curls appear that is fine. If your hair is really out of control, just curl the ends and fix it with a bit of wax.


Accessories can put the finishing touch to your boho outfit. Big floppy hats, boho gilets, embroidered tunics, and big bags will all be a great way to accessorize without breaking the bank.

Make Boho Friends

We all have things in our closets that we no longer wear, either because they don’t fit just right or we have had enough of them. Make some boho friends and you can swap clothes, giving you both new additions to your wardrobe without spending a cent.

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