Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Most of us have been pretty careless when buying clothes in the past. And, what’s worse is even if we have a while I’m brimming with options, the chances are we go back to the same set of clothing over and over. Why? They’re comfortable, we know how they fit and that they work for what we have planned for the day.

The first and big tip would that fast fashion isn’t an investment, the clothing doesn’t last, and you can never be sure of how it’s made.

Simple & Easy

What is a capsule wardrobe and why do you want one? Well, a good capsule wardrobe will have 40 or fewer pieces. That number doesn’t include jackets, loungewear or items like swimwear. Right now there are so many options we often suffer from the paradox of choice every time we open our wardrobe. We simply have so much we don’t know what to choose. If you strip that to items that work together no matter what you put on, imagine how much faster your mornings will be.

Simply by owning less, you actually open up more choices and can make them easier too.

Is it complicated? Not at all.

You need to be honest with yourself though, are you holding on to that leather skirt because you wear it a lot or are you holding onto it because you got it in the sale and will wear it one day?

Getting Started

You’re going to have to sort through what you currently have. If you have a few items that you wear a lot, then those things will automatically go on the keep piles – they’re part of your current capsule (even if you don’t know that yet). In true Marie Kondo style, thank those purple silk trousers and say goodbye. You might begin to notice you have a few items missing that you think you should have. Women’s apparel should be functional and beautiful too.


Narrowing it down might be tough if you’re a bit of a fashionista. However! Don’t despair. Here is a rough list of things you’re going to need to perfect your wardrobe.

  • 3 T-shirts, cotton preferably
  • 2 long sleeve light tops
  • 2 vests
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 button down shirts
  • 4 trousers – jeans/leggings/casual/formal
  • 2 Skirts
  • 2 boots – ankle and knee are great options
  • 1 pair of sneakers
  • 1 pair of formal pumps
  • 1 going out dress
  • 1 day dress – cocktail dresses work really well
  • 1 light jacket
  • 1 thicker coat

These items will serve as your base wardrobe. Try to make sure that the colors work together on pretty much everything. That will be down to your personal taste.

Filling Space

It might be tempting to fall into the trap of replacing what you have gotten rid of. However, now is the time to purchase the extras. Tights, socks, scarves, belts and other accessories.

Play Time

Now is the time to have a play with the options you have. Try a date night outfit, an outfit for a coffee with friends or even an airport perfect look. A capsule wardrobe is quick and easy, and doesn’t take too much time to get it perfected!

I like speaking in # and giving people makeovers. Stick around!

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