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Extracting my facial virginity

A couple of weeks ago, I embarked on something totally new to me. I teamed up with like-minded gal named Lindsay. While, teaming up with other ladies in the blog world isn’t new to me, this collaboration was one for the books. Let me introduce Lindsay Sullivan Skincare. It’s always nice when you have someone […] Read more…

Unboxing my daily goodie box

A month or so ago I received a Daily Goodie Box and for starters I had never even heard of it, so I was super excited when it came in the mail! For those of you that follow me on social media you probably saw a video on Snap Chat and Instagram live showcasing the […] Read more…

I tried HelloFresh: here’s what happened

This week is going on my second week in my new apartment. Last week, being my first week, I opted to try HelloFresh for my week night meals, to save time and a bit of money. HelloFresh is pretty expensive but if you know someone who has tried it, chances are you can get a […] Read more…

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