Chocolate & Beer: A Fashionista’s Dream

If there is one thing you should know about this traveling Fashionista is that there are a few things that really get my motor running, two of those being really good beer and of course chocolate. So you can imagine my surprise when I was offered up a spot on a walking tour of Boston sampling those two awesome things. My response, oh hell’s yes!

Boston is not a mystery to me, having grown up in the “area”. Rhode Island is so small we might as well just attach ourselves to Massachusetts. (kidding) Don’t even get me started on how much I love Rhode Island. But regardless taking a walking tour of Boston was something that I hadn’t done since my 6th grade field trip to the Freedom Trail, where I shamelessly tried leaving my group to be in my crush’s group.

Long gone where the day’s of Mrs. Muir’s 6th grade class; welcome a group of like-minded bloggers on a private tour, courtesy of HipHost.  HipHost prides themselves on being able “to find you a friend in every city”. How it works is that you can search for a city you plan on visiting and it will throw back tours that are offered to you by HipHost, hosts. It’s actually a pretty cool idea and I’m almost thinking about becoming one for Rhode Island (it would have to be a Mexican restaurant tour though).

And  so it begins my walking Beer and Chocolate Tour of Beacon Hill and Back Bay.

Chocolate Samples at Beacon Hill Chocolates

Without sounding like I’m giving you a play by play off my tour, I’d rather just give you the highlights and let you experience the rest for yourself.

Here’s the skinny:

  • Your host is Bill and he’s amazingly knowledgeable about all things Boston and in this case beer and chocolate.
Whales Tale Pale Ale
  • I know the tour says “walking” and yes you do walk indeed but after a few samples at Charles Street Liquors you simply forget that you’ve done a lot of walking.  In fact for me this was a night of first’s; not only did I do a lot of walking without complaining BUT I actually enjoyed my very first Dogfish Head beer. (I know hell has frozen over)
Sampling beer at Charles Street Liquors
  • Also you will be introduced to some of the BEST chocolate I have ever had. It’s actually a really good week for me (if you catch my drift) for chocolate tasting.


Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate Ganche


  • Eat a bit before this tour begins. While chocolate may seem like food you will not only be starving once your tour is over but in my case I had a bit of a headache (from all the beer).
  • Bring a camera. Especially if your knew to the area or simply never get out in Boston. There’s quite a lot to take pictures of, including all the beer and chocolate.
  • If you simply have no time to eat before your tour I would recommend eating at the last stop which is Bukowski Tavern. They have an awesome selection of really great bar food, I myself had the grilled cheese, it was the perfect ending to a day filled with beer and chocolate.

Big thanks to Bill and the HipHost team for an awesome walking tour of Boston.



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